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PRIME PACKAGING was conceptualised in 1997 with the PRIME objective of creating high class food grade plastic packaging products-plastic bottles of various sizes and shapes, plastic containers as well as all creations in plastics for the cosmetic, Oil , Foods Pharmaceutical industry as well as to serve the needs of the growing Ayurvedic and Homeopathic industry.


Our VISION is to carve a niche in the sphere of plastic packaging and create products for the Customer by blending science and art.

We at PRIME, take pride in our team of highly motivated people who form the key to our business strategies. An enlightened leadership and motivated team strive to meet the ever growing needs of the Industry.


Our INSPIRATION is derived from master creators like michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci since we believe that creations from plastic is a work of Art backed by the tools of Science.


In this fast paced consumer markets, packaging must speak not only for the products they house but for the companies behind them, PRIME PACKAGING is dedicated to "evolving " products tailor-made to Customer requirements. We are equipped to do so because of the state- of -the -art ultra modem equipment the Company has in place at its manufacturing base located at the Plot No.12, Phase 1, Genesis Industrial Complex, Village Kolgaon, Palghar -401404, Dist Thane, Maharashtra, India.


The PRIME movers behind this enterprise are the people - our intellectual capital. The Company is propelled by the Spirit of Enterprise and a quest for Excellence. An enlightened leadership and a motivated team add PRIME time to the business activities. PRIME PACKAGING blends technology and Customer aspirations to produce products of lasting value.


PRIME PACKAGING.....YOUR PARTNER FOR YOUR PROGRESS. Let us jointly undertake this journey for the creation of works of art, just not packaging products!


YOU DREAM ...WE DELIVER!! packing products to perfection!! PRIME primarily to please you.



Our team

Vibhash N Desai

Managing Director

S Venkatasubramanian

Director- Marketing & Sales

Chetan Vakaria

Director- Procurement & Production

Vivek Vakaria

Director- Quality Assurance & Distribution

Sunita Devkar

Asst. Manager - Sales Coordination & Logistics

Nitin Bamne