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Shampoo Hair Oil Bottles

Prime have recently developed wide range shampoo/hairoil bottles in different shapes and sizes. The evergrowing market of hair/skin care products requires new and attractive shapes of bottles. Prime have not only taken care of the different shapes but have also ensured that the bottles are user friendly and easy to open and despense.

PRIME bottles are available both in PP and HDPE. The bottles are classified in 3 types depending upon the cap functions.


A) Shampoo/Hair oil bottles with screw caps

  • 60ml flat with cap and plug
  • 100ml flat with cap and plug
  • 60ml conical with 20 mm cap and plug.
  • 100ml conical with 20mm cap and plug
  • 200ml flat with cap





B) Shampoo/Hair oil Bottles with flip top caps.

  • 60ml flat with 20mm flip cap
  • 100ml flat with 20mm flip cap
  • 60ml conical with 20mm flip cap
  • 100ml conical with 20mm flip cap
  • 100ml round with 20mm flip cap
  • 100ml oval with 20mm flip cap
  • 200ml flat with 24mm flip cap
  • 250ml round with 24mm flip cap
  • 300ml oval with 24mm flip cap
  • 500ml flat with 28mm flip cap



C) Shampoo/Hair Oil bottles with Disc type cap

  • 100ml round with disc cap
  • 100ml Oval with disc cap
  • 250ml round with disc cap
  • 300ml round with disc cap
  • 500ml round with disc cap